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Creditplace רותמת את עוצמת ההמונים לטובת בתי העסק
כך היא פותרת לעסקים את בעיית תזרים המזומנים, את התלות בבנקים ובשיטות המימון המיושנות

ומאפשרת לכם להשקיע בחשבונות של עסקים שמחכים לתשלום (שוטף פלוס…)

ולהנות מאפיק השקעה בטוח ומניב

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A cash generating investment
CREDITPLACE gives you access to a fixed and predictable yield, in an investment channel previously reserved only for banks.
A solid investment
Enjoy an optimal risk profile by investing in insured receivables from leading, stable businesses. All the receivables are credit insured.
Liquidity of a short term deposit
All investments are Short-term (30-150 days), ideally designed for investors who want to keep cash liquidity.
Convenience of a smart system
CREDITPLACE's digital trading platform keeps all information at your fingertips and makes trading fast and simple. Our smart and advanced tools enable easy, comprehensive and immediate control in all investment phases. The secured system enables you access to all the relevant information and data.

Manage your risk profile yourself

Only solid debtors whose receivables are insured
The transactions in the arena combine the large, solid and well-known corporations in the economy, as well as less-known corporations. All the corporations underwent a strict underwriting process and the invoices are covered by credit insurance. These corporations purchased goods from the suppliers (the invoice seller) and paid for them at the end of the due time
Rigorous Underwriting Process
Each one of our transactions goes through an underwriting process supervised by our analysts, combining sophisticated algorithms together with years worth of experience and discretion.
Trust Account
Investors' funds are kept safe in trust by our partners at BDO. The trustee assures that no funds can leave the account for any other purpose than funding or withdrawl by our investors.

Advanced investment tools

You can buy the receivables you want by yourself, or use our advanced investment tools.CreditPro (soon)
A smart system that offers a customized and personalized portfolio for you in accordance with your preferences.

CreditPro (soon)
Our autopilot - A smart learning tool for immediately reinvesting your money upon redemption in line with your preferences.
This function will only take place if you specifically choose to use CreditGo.

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